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Syracuse vs. Florida State: Pre-Game Jitters Thread

You shouldn't bank on an upset, but... never say never?

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It's Saturday! And that means we're watching College Gameday... in Philadelphia. For the Temple game.

I'll just leave this here.

Elsewhere, the Syracuse Orange (3-4, 1-2) head down to Tallahassee to face the Florida State Seminoles (6-1, 4-1) today at noon ET on ABC. Both teams are coming off a loss (though SU is coming off four in a row), and clearly need a victory today. A win for one (FSU) is more likely than the other (SU), but you can never truly say "never," right?

In case you missed anything during Florida State Hate Love Week, here's a rundown of what you need to know:

All the channel, history & time particulars can be found here.

Florida State started as 20-point favorites in this one. That line's down to 16 now.

... part of the reason for that may be the absence of Dalvin Cook for the 'Noles. Ends up Everett Golson isn't playing either.

Syracuse is missing a few of its own offensive weapons too: Ben Lewis is out again, and Kendall Moore is doubtful.

The Orange are waging a war on Halloween, apparently, as they won't wear all-orange today.

What do 'Noles fans think are going to happen today? We asked Tomahawk Nation some questions.

Speaking of, here's a refresher on our odd friendship with the gang at TN.

This week's podcast dives further into the game for an hour.

And the TNIAAM staff makes its picks and predictions before kickoff.


Find your full day's college football schedule here. And G'ORANGE!