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Syracuse Football: Lewis Out Again, Moore Still Doubtful vs. Florida State

A couple shifts on this weekend's injury report...

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The injury report for the Syracuse Orange's matchup with the Florida State Seminoles this Saturday has been released. Unfortunately that means some SU players are listed, and may not be suiting up for the game. So who are they?


Defensive End Donnie Simmons (lower body)




Tight End Kendall Moore (upper body)


Hybrid Ben Lewis (upper body)


Those last two names are repeats from last week, presenting the same issues for Syracuse as before. Lewis is a valuable slot receiver, though in his absence, the team seemed to get the other four primary targets (Steve Ishmael, Ervin Philips, Jordan Fredericks and Brisly Estime) involved a whole lot more. As also mentioned previously, Moore's absence hurts some blocking schemes. Syracuse has been using tight ends less and less, however -- a fact that may or may not change if/when Moore comes back.

Elsewhere, Donnie Simmons seems likely to come back based on the above. If he doesn't, it's a big issue for the Orange pass rush, which will already have its hands full against the Seminoles.

SU also appears to be at full strength at safety now, with Rodney Williams and Daivon Ellison no longer on this list. As mentioned in the depth chart post, just because Chauncey Scissum's currently listed as the starting free safety doesn't mean he'll definitely keep the gig with Williams back. We'll have to see what happens.