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Syracuse Football: An Epiphany Hits Eric Dungey In The Head

Syracuse quarterback Eric Dungey takes a lot of hits in the head. Here's one that hopefully sticks.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to things hitting Syracuse Orange quarterback Eric Dungey in the head, we're a bit apprehensive about supporting any of them. Scott Shafer is well aware of the kind of concerns that are out there about the freshman and concussions and he's not taking them lightly.

However, the one person who can do the most to keep Eric Dungey safe is Eric Dungey. His sacrifice-everything-for-one-more-yard style is the kind of thing that gets you admired but it also eventually gets you medically-disqualified. Dungey and offensive coordinator Tim Lester changed up a few things before this weekend's game against Pitt and Dungey came away from the game with a new thing impacting his head: An epiphany.

"I kind of realized it during the game, too," Dungey said. "My body's not as sore from taking as many hits. It's definitely nice throwing the ball away, stepping out of bounds and not taking as many hits as I need to."

"I've always tried to get the extra yard," Dungey said, "but at this level you just have to get down, be smart and protect your body."


Tim Lester continues to work with Dungey on identifying his hot reads quicker and making smarter decisions with the football in his hand. With Florida State's defense (and Clemson's) looming, there's no time like the present to protect the future.