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Syracuse Uniform Update: SU Wearing Orange-White-Orange for First Time vs. Florida State

Something new! Also, BOOOOOOOO.

SU Football Twitter

Maybe you wanted the Syracuse Orange to wear all-orange on Saturday, setting the stage for Florida State to wear all-black and for us to have some Halloween fun with the game. I wanted it. Tomahawk Nation's Bud Elliott wanted it. Uni Watch's Phil Hecken wanted it.

But... it didn't happen. In what can only* be considered a war on fun, Syracuse will NOT be wearing all-orange this coming Saturday.

*actually, interpret as you'd like

Still, this IS a new look for Syracuse (at least with the current uniform set), and one that's pleasing to the eyes, if nothing else. For a refresher, here's how the Orange are doing with different uni sets, both this year and since Nike introduced these back in 2014:

So how will Orange-White-Orange fare in its first iteration? Hopefully better than the other combos... (though we ARE facing FSU, after all, so jump to your own conclusions).