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Syracuse & Florida State: Friends With No Benefits At All... Which Everyone's Totally Cool With

Welcome to FSU Hate Love Week!

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

It's that time of year! Due to ACC divisions, we have to face one goddamn insufferable program and fan base every single year. So let me be the first of many to say EFF THE CLEMSON TI-

Oh, it's Florida State week? Nevermind... HELLO, FRIENDS!

Yes, this game -- now in its third annual iteration -- has oddly become the most enjoyable on the schedule from a fan perspective, despite the impending doom in store for Syracuse this coming Saturday. We're usually good at basketball. They're usually good at football. Seminoles fans like us. We certainly like them. We both hate Clemson.

How did we get here? A refresher:

  • After a (then-) surprisingly fun week leading up to the first game in this ACC series back in 2013, Florida State fans and even 'Noles coach Jimbo Fisher offer support when Orange corner Julian Whigham is hurt. Good eggs, those guys.
  • We handed out awards after the 2013 football season (simpler times...), with our "favorite ACC fan base" honor going to Florida State in a landslide.
  • Oh, and we had a 700-comment thread openly rooting for the 'Noles to win the National Championship that January.
  • Since then, we found mutual respect for our programs' own strengths (us, basketball and them, football), with the unwritten understanding we'd beat each other in those sports and stay off the others' turf. No one's crossed that line... yet.
  • And we found out we all dislike Clemson -- a fact that was rehashed in the Tomahawk Nation comments last night.


So as things get underway yet again for what we hope isn't (but probably is) another win for FSU, let's continue to enjoy one of the weirdest fan arrangements we have. We're friends... with absolutely no benefits. And that's just fine for both parties.