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Syracuse Football Recruiting: Chris Clark Says 'Syracuse Pulled My Offer'

According to Clark, the coaching staff withdrew Clark's scholarship offer last week.

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Former five-star tight end Chris Clark spoke out Monday night, after it became public that Clark would no longer attend Syracuse. Originally, the two sides parting was described as mutual. However, Clark told the Daily Orange a different version of events.

According to the DO Story, Clark says that the Syracuse Orange withdrew the scholarship offer previously made to Clark. Clark says that Coach Shafer told Clark that Syracuse wasn't the best fit for Clark. Clark expressed frustration with the fact that his scholarship offer was withdrawn, saying "I wanted to go to 'Cuse."

Ultimately, Shafer and staff have to be the arbiters of who fits their team chemistry and game plan; however its not everyday that a player this universally believed to be elite wants to wear the Orange and play in the Dome. At this point, every move Coach Shafer makes is being magnified and dissected to determine whether he should remain the Head Coach at Syracuse University. Turning away a five-star talent is a bold strategy, let's see if it pays off for Shafer.