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Syracuse vs. Pitt: Pre-Game Jitters Thread

It all comes down to this? (for this week)

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Saturday is here, though it appears Syracuse Orange fans are getting less and less excited about that fact by the week, unfortunately. SU is 3-3 on the season, but entering the toughest part of the schedule, a win over a ranked, 5-1 Pittsburgh Panthers team is crucial today.

What's that? Pitt's beaten Syracuse in 11 of the last 13. Shit.

We've been covering the game all week, but in case you missed anything, here's where you can get caught up, and then share some pre-game thoughts..

All the channel, history & time particulars can be found here.

What do our Pitt pals over at Cardiac Hill think is going to happen in this one?

Syracuse will be suiting up in the traditional orange-blue-orange uniform set today.

Dan and I try our best to paint a positive picture for this game on the weekly podcast. We talk about the Mets too. #sorrynotsorry

Neither side has ever cared about this annual matchup. Would we if we had a rivalry trophy?

The Panthers pass defense is pretty good. That could present some challenges for Syracuse QB Eric Dungey.

This week's injury report says no Ben Lewis, and it appears unlikely we'll see Kendall Moore again either.

Not much changes on the depth chart this week, beyond Chauncey Scissum being elevated to starting free safety if Rodney Williams can't go.


Find your full day's college football schedule here. And G'ORANGE!