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Syracuse Football Recruiting: Defensive Tackle Christian Colon ReOpens Recruitment

North Carolina Three-Star Defensive Tackle De-Commits from Penn State.

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

When Robert Washington committed to the Syracuse Orange in April, rumors began to swirl about all the player Washington might help recruit. Moe Neal ended up begin the only recruit that was friends with Washington that would commit to the Orange, and in August, Washington himself de-committed from the Orange.

Christian Colon was one of Washington's friends who was received an offer from Syracuse immediately after Washington committed. Colon indicated he would look at Syracuse as an option and said he would take an even harder look at Syracuse if Moe Neal were to commit to the Orange. However, in June, before Neal committed, Colon verbally committed to the Penn State Nittany Lions. After Neal committed to Syracuse, Colon was considering visiting Syracuse; however Penn State threatened to withdraw Colon's scholarship offer if Colon visited other schools.

Thursday, Colon decided he wanted to visit other schools, and decommitted from Penn State. According to Scout, Pitt, UCLA, Miami and Maryland all have kept in contact with Colon while he was committed to the Nittany Lions and he plans to visit each school. It is unclear if Syracuse will continue to recruit Colon, but Syracuse needs some depth at defensive tackle and could use a guy like Colon. Syracuse has two other major targets at defensive tackle in Amir Watts who will be visiting Syracuse the weekend of December 11 and Bo Peek, who is teammates with Syracuse commits Rex Culpepper and Scoop Bradshaw, but is currently verbally committed to Stanford.

Here's a look at Colon's highlights: