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Syracuse Uniform Update: Orange Going Traditional Versus Pitt

In our annual Rivalry-That's-Not-A-Rivalry-But-Moving-On game that's also Syracuse's Homecoming, (seriously how is this not a rivalry) the Orange will bust out the traditional look.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse returns to the Dome after two rough games away from home. This week is Syracuse's Homecoming, otherwise known as Orange Central week. With that in mind, Syracuse will be sporting their "traditional" jersey combination versus long time Not Rivals Pitt.

John broke down the numbers on the new uni combinations last week, but here's the updated chart for this season with the Orange-Blue-Orange combo since the pants came in from China:


Seems like the pretty logical choice here. The team needs some positive ju-ju any way it can get it and the team has found success when wearing this combo, because what jersey they're wearing totally impacts performance. (Yes, I hear you Dion.) They're probably saving the all orange jerseys for Halloween to bring some measure of satisfaction into John's fall.