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Why Syracuse Students Should Attend The Remaining Home Football Games

An open letter to students hesitant to go to any of the home games left on the schedule from a very recent graduate.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Syracuse Student Body,

I'm writing this letter to you in the hopes that you'll hear me out from beginning to end. I'm not here to sugar-coat anything, but rather urge you to consider all that I have to say. I'm not some grumpy old guy who's about to reminisce about the "good ol' days" of Syracuse football, because I haven't actually lived through any of it. I'm a 22-year old graduate of the Class of 2015.

First of all, I get it. Our team hasn't looked so great, especially during these last two weeks. Looking ahead at the schedule, it doesn't look extremely promising...on paper. That being said, we're currently 3-3 and still have a bit of wiggle room to work with to possibly become eligible to get to a bowl game. This weekend, the team faces a 5-1 Pittsburgh squad during Homecoming, or as the University affectionately calls it "Orange Central." I don't know about you, but I have faith that we can win this game. Trust me when I say that crazier things have happened (See: convincing victory over then-ranked WVU at home in 2011). Homecoming is all about celebrating the wonderful learning establishment we call home. Grab your friends and head to the Dome for the noon kick-off!

Three weeks later, Clemson comes to town. They may very well still be undefeated by then, and the Orange could be a win away from bowl eligibility with wins over Pitt and Louisville. Even if the team is 3-6, it's amazing to see the Dome with all of that orange. It shows what could be if others could be convinced to come to all of the games and fill the place closer to capacity, in the 40,000+ range instead of in the high 20s - low 30s. At least stay through the 3rd quarter, since we'll probably get our a**es handed to us in this one.

The final home game is November 28, right after Thanksgiving, against Boston College. Two years ago, Syracuse entered the game at 5-6, needing a win to have dreams about the postseason. This year could very well end up having the same storyline. If nothing else, #OrangeEagle points will be on the line. I know we're not quite at the same level, but if one, or both, team is having a down year, have Ohio State or Michigan fans shied away? Answer: NO. Rivalries are rivalries, even if they've been pushed along by the Internet, and in an otherwise dissappointing year, they can become our solace.

I'm asking you to support your peers who have worked their butts off to try and win every game. If anything, at least go to see the SUMB perform in the stands and especially at halftime. Really, what's $20 to go have a good time with your buddies for a few hours on a Saturday? Sounds like a heck of a good time to me. Go Orange!