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Syracuse Football: Depth Chart vs. Pitt Features Scissum at Free Safety, No Other Changes

These never mean much, but here's a quick update.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

It's your weekly rundown of players that could start, or perhaps won't even see the field due to injury. Syracuse's depth chart is and has been a mostly pointless exercise, but every so often, its release gives us some nuggets of interest. Last week, it was the expectation of Jordan Fredericks starting at running back (which he did). This week, Chauncey Scissum's place at starting free safety (replacing the injured Rodney Williams) is the only change. Scissum started in place of Williams last week as well, recording five tackles against Virginia. Given the youth the Orange have in the secondary, he's played plenty all season, and none of this is new territory for the sophomore. He has 25 tackles on the year since his first action against Wake Forest.

Full depth chart is below for your quick perusal. While there could (and probably will be) another change or two by the time injury reports roll out on Thursday, this is your starting lineup for the time being. Embrace it as you wish.

SU Depth Chart Pitt 1

SU Depth Chart Pitt 2