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Carrier Dome's Future Up For Discussion at Syracuse Board of Trustees Meeting

Three options will be presented to the BoT as part of the Campus Master Plan.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse Chancellor Kent Syverud told the Daily Orange that the future of the Carrier Dome will be one of the discussion points at the next Board of Trustees meeting in November.

"There’s a bunch of alternatives going before the Board of Trustees and which one they’ll select, I don’t know yet," Syverud said. "I know we’re going to have fully documented the cost-benefits issues related to each."

Syverud also added that the BoT will also decide if any decision will be put before the public for comment and that he would "be surprised if there isn’t some input and discussion after the November board meeting."

Three options for the future of the Carrier Dome will be put before the board. Replacing the current roof, installing an entirely new roof structure or building an entirely new stadium. The smart money has been on SU going with Option 1 or 2 but it remains to be seen. An off-campus arena plan was shelved after the mayor of Syracuse refused to back it to the governor last year.

If a renovation is considered, one plan calls for the Dome to become connected to Archbold Gymnasium and that Archbold and Flanagan Gyms would both go under renovations of their own.