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Syracuse Basketball: Coffee Talk With Trevor Cooney

Do you want to hear Trevor Cooney talk about SU Basketball in his kitchen right before taking a nap? Of course you do...

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Carlson has a piece up on Syracuse Orange senior Trevor Cooney and he begins his final season with the Orange basketball squad. For Cooney, this season is all about trying to fight the instinct to overwork himself. It's an instinct responsible for getting him this far and for everything that's made him what he is.

"I can't leave without getting a certain number of shots up, without 300 to 400 makes," said Cooney, who continues to work on his mid-range game and adding a floater. "I can't leave without doing certain things. I'm doing three workouts a day this summer, and if something happens, and I skip one, I feel weird mentally."

"(Working hard) makes me who I am," Cooney said. "Good. Bad. And weird. It's a gift and a curse. It really is. Sometimes you do need to step away, and for me, it's very hard to do. Mentally, in my mind (last year), I didn't think I could make shots the next day if I didn't put up a certain number. But I can. I can still make shots."

You should go read the whole piece, it gives some great insight into what makes Cooney tick and reminds you that when he's in the middle of a slump, it's not for a lack of effort or want.

But what caught my eye was the video interviews included in the article. Cooney, looking his mid-season #CooneyFace self, sitting in his kitchen and responding to questions as if he's immediately going to take a nap once this is all over.

There's actually some good insight in there about Kaleb Joseph, team leadership and what to expect in 2015-2016, but all I keep thinking is that Trevor Cooney has a nicer coffeemaker than me.