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Syracuse vs. Bye Week: Official TNIAAM Predictions & Poll

It's one of the beginning match ups of the season, let's see how everyone things it's going to go down.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange can't get caught looking ahead to the South Florida Bulls next week because they've got a challenge staring them in the face in the form of the Bye Week University Fightin' Byes. Get caught up on the details of this historic rivalry here. Will the Orange come out on top yet again? Let's see what the TNIAAM crew thinks.

Kevin Wall

Score: Syracuse 44 - Bye Week 11
MVP: Ron Thompson
With Herrel Tunt skipping the game to attend the National Rodeo Championships in El Paso, Thompson made life miserable for the Byes' replacement QB, Lester Methodcat. Thompson finished just shy of a school record with 4 sacks on the afternoon.When you add in his blocked field goal, 3 yard rushing TD, and a 16 yard TD pass to Riley Dixon, it might be the most impressive all-around day for a Syracuse football player since Vic Hansen scored 3 TD's and finished building Lyman Hall during halftime of a 1920 game against Colgate.

Andrew Carey

Score: Syracuse 44 - Bye Week 2
MVP: Riley Dixon
Zack Mahoney goes down in warmups prior to taking on the Fighting Byes. With no Dungey, Hunt, Mahoney, Long, and the fact that the coaching staff has absolutely no confidence in Wilson, Riley Dixon, a former high school quarterback, takes over for the Orange. The horrible ESPN3 commentators proclaim Dixon as being "An Absolute Magician", as a result Sean changes the name of the blog to Riley Dixon is an Absolute Magician. His Heisman campaign truly does take off as he throws for 444 yards and has 5 total TD's. Dixon remains the starting quarterback back for the remainder of the year. Dixon goes on to win the Heisman and the Orange win out the rest of the season for the first national title since 1959!

James Szuba

Score: Syracuse 0 - Bye Week 0
MVP: Chuck Bullough
In the best defensive matchup of the college football season, Chuck Bullough calls a perfect defensive game against the Bye Week Fightin' Byes. The Fightin' Byes are completely demoralized by Bullough's defensive scheme, but Syracuse also can't find a way to score resulting in a 0-0 tie.

Sean Keeley

Score: Syracuse 54 - Bye Week 52 (OT)
MVP: Riley Dixon
In what seems like destiny, Riley Dixon becomes the first punter in NCAA history to throw for a touchdown, run for a touchdown, catch a touchdown, return a kickoff for a touchdown, return a punt for a touchdown, return an interception for a touchdown, return a fumble for a touchdown, earn a safety and kick a field goal in one game. The most curious stat of all? He never actually punts. Oh and a Bengal Tiger gets loose and eats Austin Wilson.

Now it's your turn...