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Jim Boeheim Tells Jon Rothstein About Suspension, Syracuse Players & More

Jon Rothstein visited the Melo Center during Syracuse's practice last week. Now we learn more about the exchange between he and Boeheim.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Rothstein of CBS Sports came to the Melo Center last week to watch the Syracuse Orange men's team practice. Rothstein tweeted out some nuggets of interest, including the inspiration behind Kaleb Joseph's new sobriquet.

Now Rothstein has released the transcript between he and Boeheim where Boeheim delves further into his team, expectations and the NCAA appeal. Rothstein asked Boeheim what it's going to be like when he serves his nine game suspension. To which Boeheim replied,

"I don't know. You don't want to play golf someplace and have somebody take a picture of you playing golf when your team is getting beaten by somebody. I can't come to practice. Why should I not be able to come to practice? Do these guys deserve that? They didn't do anything. You've already punished the university -- you've taken away scholarships -- and now the coach can't come to practice? It doesn't make sense. You can't come to the office. You can't talk to anybody for 30 days."

It looks like Boeheim has learned his lesson about people taking photos of him.

Rothstein then asked Boeheim if there had been any update on the appeal. We learned that we can expect to hear something shortly. "We won't know for another couple weeks," Boeheim said in regards to the appeal.

You can read the full transcript between Rothstein and Boeheim here.