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Halftime Score: Syracuse 21, Virginia 14/Second Half Thread

Syracuse leads in the dumbest, funniest game you've watched all season.

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

I've been watching every second of this game, and I honestly couldn't tell you what the hell just happened for the last 30 minutes. And you probably feel the same as the Syracuse Orange head into the locker room with a 21-14 lead over the Virginia Cavaliers. Let's try to pick ourselves up off the floor, briefly:

The Orange offense was moving the ball well from the onset, putting recent weeks' very slow starts behind them. But due to a ton of defensive pressure, Eric Dungey found himself under siege enough to lead to a fumble at midfield on the first drive. Two more drives would stall out before the Orange defense got the team on the board with a 44-yard Antwan Cordy scoop and score in the second quarter.

Following that score, Virginia marched right back down the field -- reversing an early trend of SU stopping the run really well -- and then converted a nonsensical fumble (probably an incomplete pass) into a second touchdown in just minutes.

Then things got silly...

Appearing to be their own worst enemy at midfield once again, Syracuse prepared to punt. And of course, that really meant ANOTHER Riley Dixon fake run that have become incredibly predictable yet still very effective for the Orange to run at least once per game. This one failed to feature a hurdle (we'll get there), but the all-world punter still picked up 15 yards and re-energized the Orange offense. Shortly thereafter, (new starting running back) Jordan Fredericks pushed it into the end zone.

Driving down the field with just over a minute to go, the Hoos threw a pick deep in their own zone to SU's Qaadir Sheppard, setting up the most hilarious, insane touchdown run of the day (for all of college football). Eric Dungey, seemingly stopped inside the five, went ahead and hurdled a defender (who was standing straight up) to will himself into the end zone.

SU finished the half with 214 total yards and 13 first downs. They left a bunch of early points on the board, but at current, are still leading, which is nice. Dungey has 85 (!!!) yards rushing so far, while also passing efficiently (9-for-13 for 75 yards).


This team is silly, and stupid, and entertaining and exciting and a lot of other things too. Consider this your second half thread and laugh along with your fellow fans as we head into what's likely to be a wild second half...