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Syracuse vs. Virginia: Pre-Game Jitters Thread

You stressed? Anxious? Can't really blame you there...

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

It's Saturday! College Gameday is on, there are noon games kicking off soon, and Syracuse football takes on the Virginia Cavaliers down in Charlottesville at 3:30 p.m. this afternoon. You're likely nervous about this outcome -- as we all are -- since a win brings the Orange to a 4-2 start (2-0 in the ACC), and a loss means 3-3 and SO MUCH teeth gnashing.

We've been covering the game all week, but in case you missed anything, here's where you can get caught up, and then share some pre-game thoughts. Game thread's still four hours out, but plenty to go over in advance.

All the channel, history & time particulars can be found here.

What do our Hoos pals at Streaking the Lawn think is going to happen? They share some thoughts with us.

Syracuse is wearing all-whites this week (see uni W-L over last two years). Virginia's going to look like us.

Dan and I spend an hour previewing the game on this week's podcast. We promise it's no more than 20 percent about baseball and beer.

This week could come down to how Syracuse's passing exploits (or fails to exploit) Virginia's secondary.

The injury report says no Kendall Moore (again) AND possibly no Rodney Williams.

Jordan Fredericks is finally starting at running back!


Find your full day's college football schedule here. And G'ORANGE!