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Syracuse Football: Moore, Perkins, Perry, Williams on Orange Injury Report vs. Virginia

Several big absences this week, though none are super surprising.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

We've got ourselves an injury report for the Syracuse Orange this week. But unfortunately, that means there are a few players who won't be suiting up against Virginia on Saturday. So who are they?


None :(




Safety Rodney Williams (lower body)


Hybrid Back Tyrone Perkins (illness)

Linebacker Alryk Perry (lower body)

Tight End Kendall Moore (upper body)


Obviously unfortunate to see any of these absences, but two in particular create some problems -- Williams (who's doubtful) and Moore (who's certainly out). If Williams can't go, that's a blow to an already struggling secondary. Chauncey Scissum could very possibly get the start in his place, or at least that's what the depth chart dictates.

Moore is the other absence that causes some issues. Given that he was recruited as a center and has gone back and forth between the line and tight end, his blocking has become a real asset. Yes, lesser opponents, but you could tell in the early games what an impact that had in both the run and pass games. Obviously Josh Parris (who'll get the start again) is a quality tight end in terms of catching passes, but he does represent a downgrade blocking. There's been no word about how long Moore's out for.


This "should" be it in terms of injuries this week, since the ACC makes it mandatory they share in advance. Given the tough road ahead, let's hope it truly is it.