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Syracuse vs. Virginia: TNIAAM Predictions & Poll

Will the Orange get back on track and win a critical football game?

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange (3-2) need to get back to their winning ways when they face-off against the Virginia Cavaliers (1-4) on Saturday. Win and you only need two more to become bowl eligible. Lose and, well, we're going to start having very different conversations around here.

Will the Orange get it done? Let's see what everyone thinks.

John Cassillo

Syracuse 27 - Virginia 23
MVP: Eric Dungey
If Syracuse is going to win this game, it's going to be on Dungey's shoulders -- something that became VERY apparent in the second half of last week's rough afternoon vs. USF. Dungey may not be mistake-free, or make the best decision 100 percent of the time. But he can make a game "his" with his exciting brand of play, something the Orange desperately need. As long as he's not handcuffed by play-calling early, this offense should be able to move the ball well enough to win.

Kevin Wall

Syracuse 30 - Virginia 27
MVP: Jordan Fredericks
I think the first half of last week's game was a wake up call for the Syracuse coaches. Look for Syracuse to throw more in the 1st half, which will open up more room for Fredericks to run. I think Virginia will move the ball, but this game will be won by the defense forcing a late turnover.

Michael Burke

Syracuse 21 - Virginia 17
MVP: Eric Dungey
In all honesty, I have no clue what to expect on Saturday. But I trust Virginia even less than I trust Syracuse. The Hoos aren't very reliable on either side of the ball, and I'll say that Dungey does just enough -- with some help from Jordan Fredericks in the run game -- to temporarily save SU's season.

Brian Tahmosh

Virginia 27 - Syracuse 24
MVP: Taquan Mizzell
I know UVA is offensively challenged. But it takes a special kind of dumb coaching staff to miss the very obvious ways to beat this defense right now. Fortunately for Syracuse, Mike London and his staff might be that bad, but ultimately I think the superior talent on the Virginia side wins out, especially at home. It's probably time to reset expectations for Eric Dungey and this coaching staff, and if South Florida wasn't the wake up call, this one certainly will be.

Andrew Carey

Syracuse 31 - Virginia 23
MVP: Jordan Fredericks
I was just as disappointed with the result last weekend as anybody else. I'm not buying into Shafer and staff's excuses, but I do think the team just had a hiccup and under achieved to say the least last weekend. However, I expect the Orange to come out fired up and ready to play hard-nosed football for Shafer. I think we see a heavy dose of Jordan Fredricks and Dungey is able to continue his effectiveness in the passing game. Expect the defense to come out ready to play after an embarrassing performance against USF.

Max Greenblatt

Virginia 27 - Syracuse 24
MVP: Matt Johns
Following a very upsetting loss at USF, Syracuse will follow up with a close loss at UVA. Eric Dungey will continue to grow and make less freshman mistakes then last week. Syracuse's defense will again be the achilles heel, as the secondary won't be able to stop UVA's wideouts. I expect this game to go down to the last drive, where UVA kick will kick a game winning field goal. As the kick sails through the uprights, Syracuse's bowl chances will fade.

Brian Pilatzke

Syracuse 31 - Virginia 24
MVP: Jordan Fredericks
Last week, every one of my predictions were wrong. I don't know what to make of the team at this point. I thought they could stop the run, and they didn't. I thought they could move the chains effectively on the ground and they didn't. I'm hoping that last week was some first road game post bye week rust. If not, this team is in trouble. UVa isn't particularly sharp on offense, but then again neither was USF before playing Syracuse. If the defense shows up and the offense can play a complete game, it should be a rout. Virginia hasn't had an INT all year and they give away ball almost twice a game more than they turn their opponents over. Hold on to the ball, create a turnover or two and win a "must-win" game.

Sean Keeley

Syracuse 24 - Virginia 23
MVP: Eric Dungey
This one really could go either way. Syracuse was exposed pretty badly last week and Virginia might have a bad record but they've played some pretty good teams close. I don't think I have faith in Mike London to outfox the Orange defense but I do think this one is coming down to the wire. This could be the game where Eric Dungey cements his status and proves he's not going to fade into the background. Or maybe not. I honestly don't know. But I'm hopeful.

Now it's your turn...