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Carrier Dome Kiss Cam Comeback? Student Assoc. Calls For Reformed Version

All's been quiet on the Kiss Cam front but the Syracuse University Student Association wants to see the return of the institution, albeit with some safeguards in place.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The Kiss Cam.

So meaningless. And yet it's removal caused so much rancor.

In case you don't remember, the Carrier Dome decided to shelve the Kiss Cam a few weeks back following a letter to the Post-Standard that said he witnessed sexual assault and questionable behavior during a Syracuse Orange football game. This was also on the heels of a Kiss Cam joke at CitiField with strong homophobic undertones (or overtones, I suppose), which likely factored into the decision-making as well.

All's been quiet on the Kiss Cam front since then but now the Syracuse University Student Association wants to see the return of the institution, albeit with some safeguards in place.

Later in SA’s meeting, the assembly passed a bill calling for reform of the use of the Kiss Cam at SU football and men’s basketball games. The bill proposes that the SU administration ensure that the Kiss Cam "prevents non-consensual situations" by pre-determining the people who would appear on the Kiss Cam, both in the student section and elsewhere in the Carrier Dome.

The bill is meant to represent the student body’s stance on the issue. It won’t necessarily change anything; rather, the administration will take the bill into consideration as it decides what to do.

Sounds good to me. Weirdos who really, really want the Kiss Cam back for some reason can have it back and no one will feel embarassed or attacked in any way. Of course, you could just not bring the Kiss Cam back at all and everyone would forget about it in a few months anyway. It's one of those things people want to defend but I could think of twenty alternative ways to entertain a crowd during a commercial break easily.

But I suppose if you want to get worked up about it and what it stands for, go for it.