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Syracuse Uniform Update: Orange Going All-White Vs. Virginia This Saturday


Syracuse Football Twitter

We don't know what the Virginia Cavaliers will be wearing for this Saturday's matchup in Charlottesville, Va. But we now know what uniforms the Syracuse Orange will be donning as they attempt to win game number four on the season.

For those that need a refresher on uniform combinations so far this season, Syracuse wore its standard orange-blue-orange for Rhode Island, Central Michigan and LSU, and all-orange against Wake Forest and USF. SU's 2-1 in its traditional set, and 1-1 in color-block. We'll see if the "ALL WHITE EVERYTHING" Stormtrooper look ends a two-game losing streak this coming Saturday.

Since introducing its new uniform set last year, Syracuse is a depressing 6-11 overall. They're 2-1 in the all-whites, however (with the lone loss coming to Clemson on the road). A full breakdown of uniform trends since the start of last season:


So yeah, White-White-White is actually tied for the most successful combo we've got (with this year's new, standard Orange-Blue-Orange set). Let's hope WWW can stay above .500 on Saturday.