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Syracuse Basketball Is Near, Here's Who You Need to Follow on Twitter

You like Syracuse Basketball. You spend endless hours on Twitter. It's time to Syracuse Basketball your Twitterfeed.

With Orange Madness less than a week away and Syracuse Football doing Syracuse Football things on Saturday, it's time to get excited for Syracuse Basketball. It's best we stay connected throughout the basketball season, so we've comprised a list of people to follow for Syracuse Orange Basketball updates. The list is as follows:

Jim Boeheim@therealboeheim Believe it or not, the 'Heimer is actually on Twitter. He doesn't tweet often but he's good for a Twitter gem every now and then.

Mike Hopkins@Coach_Hopkins Boeheim's successor is a bit more active on the Twittersphere than his mentor. He's great for pictures and shows a lot of love to former and current players. Hop also joined us for Hop Talks recently, you should check that out.

Adrian Autry@CoachRedAutry Coach Red tweets about as often as Georgetown makes the Sweet 16, but he's still good for a follow.

Gerry McNamara@Coach_McNamara Probably the most loved man in Syracuse. Follow him.

Kip Wellman@KipWellman The DOBO!

Syracuse Basketball@Cuse_MBB The name says it all.

All of the Syracuse players are active on Twitter, although some of them don't tweet as much as others.

Michael Gbinije @TheRealGbinije

Trevor Cooney: @TCooney10

Tyler Roberson: @TRoberson21

DaJuan Coleman@dajuancoleman32

Chino Obokoh: @CObokoh

Kaleb Joseph @kalebjoseph15

Paschal Chukwu: @raphaelpchill

Tyler Lydon@Tyler_Lydon14

Malachi Richardson@KingMali23

Frank Howard@Jesussss_

Be sure to follow @SyrBasketball@DonnaDitota1 and @MikeWatersSYR for all of your coverage.

Chances are if you're reading this you already follow us at @NunesMagician and Sean Keeley (@SeanKeeleyIsMe) but be sure to follow Michael Burke (@michaelburke47) and myself (@JamesSzuba). Michael and I will have your gameday Syracuse basketball coverage, and be on the lookout for our other writers who will contribute as well.

Follow Syracuse Athletics at @Cuse.

You can also show the guys of @DOsports some love by following @matt_schneidman and @dougherty_jesse.

Also follow the Voice of the Orange (@MattPark1) and Ben Sigel (@cusesigel) for all recruiting updates.

There you have it. Did we forget any follows that you absolutely must-have? Add them in the comments...

It's almost here. You can stop looking like this soon.