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Syracuse Basketball: Michael Gbinije Will Start at Point Guard For Orange

Per Jon Rothstein, Michael Gbinije will be the starting point guard for Syracuse this season, which gives us some insight into how the rest of the starting lineup might look.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

All off-season, Syracuse Orange basketball fans have been wondering what shape the 2015-2016 starting lineup would eventually take. Would Kaleb Joseph get the start at point guard or would Jim Boeheim prefer grad senior Michael Gbinije back there? Will Dajuan Coleman be in the lineup at all, let alone starting? What of highly-touted freshman Malachi Richardson?

CBSSports' Jon Rothstein was at SU on Tuesday to take a sneak peak at the team and amongst his tidbits on the day, he dropped one piece of news that helped clear up those questions a bit.

Now, the first caveat when it comes to Jim Boeheim and Syracuse basketball is that starting lineups are overrated. Boeheim had a strategy of bringing in starter-quality players as the sixth-man and seventh-man for a few seasons now (just ask Dion Waiters). However, starting Gbinije is not only interesting for what it means with guards (Joseph as sixth-man?) but also how it affects the forwards.

That sounds about right, although Coleman's name should always come with an asterisk these days. God forbid we have to find out what it looks like if he's hurt.

Again, however, it's important to note that SU is probably going to tinker with lineups and match-ups for a while this season to see what works. Big man depth is scary so freshman Tyler Lydon has been seeing some time at center. If and when Coleman gets into foul trouble, it's going to force SU to rely on smaller lineups in general. Expect to see situations when Joseph, Cooney, Gbinije all on the floor at the same time. During last week's #HopTalk, Coach Hop said the coaches are taking a "whatever it takes to win" approach to lineups and expect to see that play out in November and December.

Rothstein has some more observations on the day as well, including how much we might see Tyler Lydon and Frank Howard. Also, Kaleb Joseph: BloodShooter.