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Syracuse Football: Orange Hosting Pittsburgh at Noon ET on ESPNU

It's still nearly two weeks away, but at least you know what the Saturday after next looks like now...

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

It's the RENOONIAN SHOW! (or insert other stupid pun about noon kickoffs here)

As we already knew, the October 24 matchup between Syracuse and Pittsburgh at the Carrier Dome would basically be the Chris Clark Bowl. And now we know what time the festivities kick off, and where you can watch if you're not at the game (though, you're at the game, right?). Things gets started at noon ET, and if you're watching on television, you can turn your dial to ESPNU. Despite the Orange struggles last week, it's nice to see ESPN put some faith in us and still give out that ESPN family of networks slot.

As you already know the Orange (3-2) and the Panthers (4-1) are not at all rivals, but play every year anyway. Maybe one day the ACC will either eliminate divisions or eliminate the permanent crossover setup. Until then, you'll take your Pitt and like it, even if the game typically provides nothing but bad memories and/or malaise for everyone involved.


Plenty of work to be done in advance, so we'll have more on this matchup come next week. Syracuse will face Virginia down in Charlottesville, Va. this coming Saturday. Pitt's heading to Atlanta to face the reeling Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.