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Syracuse Basketball: Which Pick-Six Pack Would You Choose?

Which six games would you choose from those included in the SU Basketball Pick-Six options?

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday, group sales and mini-pack tickets went on sale for the 2015-2016 Syracuse Orange basketball season. The most major of the mini-packs included the following offer:

Pick Six Pack ($175 per package, a $25 savings):

- Super Premium Game (North Carolina, NC State, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, Wisconsin)

- Premium Games (Boston College, Clemson, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech)

- Non-conference Games (Wisconsin and Exhibition excluded)

Given all the choices, we wanted to see if we could help you make the right ones. So, we put it to the TNIAAM staff...

Which six games would you choose in your Pick-Six?

Kevin Wall

Wisconsin, Virginia Tech, Florida St, St. Bonaventure, Elon and Texas Southern. UNC is the best ACC game on the schedule, but give me the Badgers making a rare appearance in the Dome. Last year's National runner-up lost a lot, but with Bo Ryan's career winding down, I don't want to miss this match-up. Virginia Tech and Florida State expect to be improved in 15-16, especially the Seminoles, so those are the best of that premium group. If you really want to see Boston College, go to the away game where you'll probably get better seats in Conte anyway.For my three non-conference games, I'm going with the old rival in St. Bonaventure, an Elon squad which plays in the Dome's 1st Saturday night game of the season, and the 2015 SWAC Champion Texas Southern.

Michael Burke

North Carolina, Florida State, Boston College, Lehigh, Elon, Cornell. North Carolina is the biggest game this season, clearly. The Tar Heels might be ranked No. 1 in the country in the preseason polls. As for the premium games, Florida State is supposed to be a pretty solid team this season and Syracuse is kinda-sorta rivals with Boston College, I guess? With non-conference games, you get the regular season-opener in Lehigh, a Saturday night game that's technically part of the Battle 4 Atlantis slate in Elon and another Saturday game in Colgate, a team that has a long history with SU.

Brian Tahmosh

North Carolina, Florida State, BC, Lehigh, Colgate, Cornell. North Carolina is the easy choice for the marquee game, taking Duke's spot as the most high-profile home game this year. I guess it sounded better to call the second tier "premium games" rather than "garbage ACC opponents," which they are, so I'll go with BC for the pseudo-rivalry and Florida State because they're probably the best of that bunch. Lastly, for the non-conference games, let's go with Lehigh as the opener, and Colgate and Cornell since there's at least some history with those teams.

Andrew Carey

For my Super Premium Game I am going to select North Carolina, the Heels should have a strong season as they return 4 starters. I'll take Floida State and Virginia Tech for my Premium Games. Florida State because they are a quality program, and have a chance to be good this year. Virginia Tech because it will be the return of Buzz Williams to the Carrier Dome! Non-Confrence games I will pick Elon, Cornell, and Montana State. Elon because it is our first ever matchup against the Phoenix. Cornell becuase its an Upstate rival and on a Saturday. Finally, Montana State because WHY THE HELL NOT?

Max Greenblatt

Super Premium - UNC, they are a concensus top 5 team in the nation and are set to have a great year Premium - BC, they are a rival (kind of) and FSU, they have a shot of being a top 25 team in the country Non-con - Colgate & Cornell, in-state "rivals" that we have longstanding arrangements with, and Elon for the exact opposite reason, this is our first matchup with them.

John Cassillo

First off, this setup is trash. The only games you REALLY want to go to are all in the first bucket. I'd choose Wisconsin, though, since Syracuse doesn't face them every year like the other opponents there. For the "premium" (sure!) games, I guess Boston College because we're supposed to dislike them in hoops too apparently, and FSU because they're supposed to be a fringe top-25 team this season. With the other three? Give me the Bonnies (BALL PUNCH!), Colgate (HOODOO!) and I guess Cornell? This setup is awful. Sorry.

Sean Keeley

North Carolina, Boston College, Florida State, Elon, Cornell, Texas Southern The Tar Hells are the big sell of the Premium group, though I wouldn't blame you for taking the Wisconsin game. The Premium games are all pretty un-premium but let's go with Boston College for the rivalry factor and Florida State because they're probably the best team in that group. As for the Non-Cons, I like Elon because it's early in the season and the last chance to see the team before they head to Atlantis. You gotta go to Cornell for the NY State rivalry and then Texas Southern could be the curious non-conference team that ends up giving us a decent game (defending SWAC champs).

How about you, what six games would you choose?