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Friday Conversation: The One SU Basketball Game You Want to Win More Than Any Other

if I told you that you had the power to guarantee victory, which one of Syracuse's remaining games would you use your power on?

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

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Let's face it, the rest of the Syracuse Orange basketball season looks like it's gonna be a slog. Or at the very least, it's going to take a good six years off your life. SU is two games into ACC play and they've already shown a knack for refusing to put away any opponent and ensuring that nothing will come easy. That's probably true for most seasons but there's something about this season that feels slightly more doom-y than usual. And that's saying a lot. Syracuse fandom is an exercise in impending doom.

The upcoming schedule has a lot of winnable games on it (FSU, Wake Forest, Clemson, BC) but then we get into the meat of the schedule. We head to North Carolina for the first time in ACC play on January 26. We head back to Pittsburgh for the first time since The Shot Heard Round The Zoo on February 7. Duke visits the Dome once again on February 14. We renew our rivalry with Rick Pitino and Louisville on February 18. Right now, that February 24 game at Notre Dame looks daunting and four days later we head back to Cameron to play Duke again. And then there's a home date with Virginia on March 2. No shortage of huge games against big-time opponents.

So if I told you that you had the power to guarantee victory, which one of those games would you use your power on?

Personally, I think I'd use it on the second Duke game. I feel like we're not officially a rival of the Blue Devils until we beat them in their own house. Even if the season doesn't live up to what we'd like it to be, if we could walk away with a victory over Coach K in Cameron Indoor Stadium, I'd be able to find some value in that.

How about you?