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Rob Konrad Is An Absolute Swimgician

The former Orange fullback just swam nine miles in the ocean after falling off of his boat. He is still better than you.

Al Bello/Getty Images

It's official, you have to include Rob Konrad whenever you are listing famous 44's for Syracuse Orange football.

Konrad, who played fullback for SU in the 90's before becoming a Miami Dolphins mainstay, survived after falling off of a boat off the Florida coast and then swimming NINE MILES (NINE MILES) to shore.

NINE. MILES. Tell you what, go find the nearest body of water, jump in and swim 500 feet. See how you feel at the end of that. That's insane.

Details are still coming in but Konrad was fishing on the boat when the plot of every ocean horror movie you've ever seen occurred...

Thankfully Konrad is alive and hopefully he's in safe condition, inasmuch as one can be after doing something like that.

I'd say we'll all meet up at Konrad's on Marshall Street to toast him, but, you know...