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Breaking: Someone Who Worked For Doug Marrone Has Nice Things To Say About Him

John Anselmo comes to the defense of his friend and (former-ish) boss, Doug Marrone.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Everybody Hates Doug. That's the UPN sitcom that Doug Marrone has been living in ever since he opted out of his contract with the Buffalo Bills. The former Syracuse Orange coach and (possibly self-appointed) savior of the program has seen just about everyone who has ever been in contact with him tell tales of egotistical behavior and short-sighted values. And those are the nice ones. That's not counting Bob Casullo going scorched earth on Marrone earlier this week (and re-confirming it the next day).

The whole episode has made us wonder...does ANYONE like Doug Marrone?

Yes, actually. There's one. John Anselmo, who has worked with Marrone at Georgia Tech and for him at Syracuse and Buffalo, has stepped up to be Patient Zero in The Defense of Doug Marrone.

"He's as sincere as you can get and as honest as you can get...He's the kind of guy you want to work for,''

Anselmo also said, "I know that he wanted to get extensions for his assistants, and I don't think that was in the plans. And that irked him.''

"I saw a friend of mine getting hammered,'' he said. "I don't think anybody wants to hear people tell lies about you and you can't defend yourself. To call him greedy, to say he was looking for his next job -- that's all garbage.''

Anselmo also lobbed a missile back in Casullo's direction, referencing the incident that supposedly got SU's former special teams coach fired.

According to Anselmo, Marrone told Casullo on a few occasions to "treat the kids better.'' But during the second-to-last game of Syracuse's 2010 season, Anselmo said Casullo "was screaming and yelling at the punter and kickoff guy on the sideline. Doug saw it. After the game he approached him about it and Bob went off and Doug fired him. That's the bottom line.''

Casullo denied the claim when reached by Newsday. I assume that means he'll be back on the radio soon to discuss this matter that he does not want to discuss yet again...