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Bob Casullo Backs Up His Opinions on Doug Marrone

Casullo returned to the airwaves Tuesday morning as his comments about Doug Marrone made the rounds.

Chris Gardner/Getty Images

Much to his own surprise, Bob Casullo made national headlines on Tuesday morning with his comments on former Syracuse Orange boss Doug Marrone. The former SU assistant head coach & special teams coach called Marrone "selfish," "greedy" and an "egomaniac." So tell us what you really think...

Those thoughts seem to jive with what others had been saying about Marrone, but some folks questioned how professional the whole incident was (perhaps I may have been one of those folks).

Casullo went back on ESPN CNY's Upon Further Review on Tuesday to react to the reaction.

"Maybe I wasn't professional. I don't deny what I said. I certainly don't take anything back that I said...Did I understand the ramifications of what I was saying going to the global, nationwide? No, I suppose I didn't. Although I was aware anything is fair game."

Casullo also talked about how he felt about his firing in 2010, with one game remaining in the season.

"I kept my mouth shut and I moved on with my life. To Doug's credit, he never really said anything. I moved on. This isn't about me. I don't want it about me. I'm not always right ... This has been magnified beyond belief. This is my personal opinion about Doug Marrone. If it's national news, hey it's a slow news day."

Another topic that came up involved Rob Long, the former Syracuse punter whom Casullo coached. Rumors about the way Casullo treated Long before he was let go have long simmered and the former SU coach wanted to try and set the record straight.

"When Rob Long was diagnosed with his brain tumor, I certainly extended to him my strengthening wishes, any encouragement I could give him. I was just like anybody else. I was taken aback...I have no problem with Rob Long. Did I yell at him? Absolutely. Did I criticize him? Absolutely. But I also think in my work ethic I made him a better football player. Maybe not a better person, maybe Rob Long was a better person than me, but he made me a better person...That kid should be kicking in the NFL. He should be punting in the NFL...Don't anybody ever dare sit there and say to me that a kid with a brain tumor I was yelling at on the sidelines. Wrong. Now, was I yelling at Rob? I probably was. That's my nature. That's how I coach. l don't have to apologize for it, nor do I have to apologize for my coaching record."

For his part, Long doesn't seem to be holding any grudges for anything that transpired...

Something else involving Marrone will steal the thunder and this whole thing will probably be forgotten by most of the media, especially if Marrone succeeds in his new post. However, Casullo can expect to get a phone call or seven anytime Doug is back in the news. Agree or disagree, the guy knows how to give a soundbite.