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Coaching Carousel: George McDonald Leaves Syracuse for NC State

State has a new wide receivers coach, and we have questions...

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Previously on "George McDonald is SOOOO Leaving Syracuse," we heard a lot of rumors that the former Orange OC might be taking a wide receiver coaching job at Florida. While we weren't necessarily thrilled about the move, the prevailing wisdom was that it was better to lose him to a blue-blood like the Gators, versus a peer. Welp...

George McDonald is now the wide receivers coach at NC State.

Now, this isn't earth-shattering news by any means (we all figured he was headed out sooner or later), and as a program, Syracuse will be fine. But that said, it's certainly not an ideal situation to see McDonald leave for a school with a similar football lot to SU -- especially one within the same division. On the bright side, seeing the Pack every year means I can still find ways to work him into play-calling critiques.


With McDonald in the fold for the Wolfpack, that means current State wide receivers coach Frisman Jackson is now former wide receivers coach Frisman Jackson. He does have MAC ties... maybe we give him a call? (not endorsing it -- just mentioning the possibility)

Speaking of the MAC, those ties are sort of how this all went down (I'd assume). McDonald worked under State OC Matt Canada at Northern Illinois, and that plus McDonald's recruiting prowess in Florida were likely the two main draws in bringing him aboard.


What a way to ring in Scott Shafer's birthday, right? Syracuse will have to move quickly to replace McDonald prior to National Signing Day. We'll try and toss around some ideas for replacements today.