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Bob Casullo Will Not Be Using Doug Marrone as a Reference, It Seems

Marrone's former assistant head coach isn't a big fan of Saint Doug anymore.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Doug Marrone Bashing is officially an accredited sport and will be included in the 2020 Olympic program. But in the meantime, the former Syracuse Orange and Buffalo Bills coach is seeing his reputation get publicly tarnished in the wake of his decision to opt out of Buffalo and pursue another opportunity just two years into the gig.

While you could make the argument Marrone is simply making the best business decision for himself, there's been a whole slew of people coming forward with tales of selfish behavior, shrewd decision-making and a backstage demeanor that leaves a whole lot to be desired. And though NFL franchises seem enamored with Marrone, plenty of former colleagues are telling a different story.

Enter Bob Casullo. The longtime Syracuse assistant in the 80's and 90's was also Assistant Head Coach & Special Teams Coordinator under Marrone for a little less than two season before being unceremoniously-fired towards the end of the 2010 season. No explanation was given at the time.

Well now that Marrone is in the crosshairs of a lot of people, Casullo stopped by Upon Further Review on ESPN CNY to chat about his former employer and, well, he did not mince words.

First of all, you guys know, I've told you all along that when he takes a job, he already has his plan in place for his next job. Okay? Whoever gave him that three-day opt-out clause...his agent is a genius and the person who signed it for the Buffalo Bills is a complete idiot.

I've said this before...self-centered, selfish, greedy...Apparently the Buffalo people are saying that now...I mean, come on, where are all the assistant coaches in all this, you know? I've been reading articles and it's all coming out now and I don't want to say I told you so, I just sit here, mind my own business and move on.

He'll get a job...cause there's not enough qualified people with head coaching experience to get these jobs. You look at the guys who are capable...there's about nine or ten guys out there who should be getting these jobs and you're reshuffling an egomaniac, less than .500 coach. He has the greatest agent on the face of the Earth.

So, I guess Bob isn't on the Marrone's Christmas card list.

It's a fascinating listen because it seems like there's a couple things going on here...

1. Casullo is reitterating a lot of things many other people have said about Marrone.

2. Casullo is very obviously still carrying a ton of bitterness over the way he and Marrone ended things.

I mean, read this quote...

"Nobody wants to crucify anybody was done to me."

What? What? When? How? What is he even talking about? When did that happen?

That second point doesn't make the first point invalid. Where there's smoke, they're probably fire, and there are enough people who seem to have a similar opinion of Marrone to give these comments weight. But, geez, Bob, let that chip on your shoulder go. You'll feel so much better for it.