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Syracuse Basketball: Ron Patterson is Probably Very Good at Playing Horseshoes

"Well, it was close."

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Ron Patterson finished the Virginia Tech game with eight points. He could have had ten but he missed two critical free throws with four seconds left in the game and the Syracuse Orange up by two points. The Hokies took a desperation three to win but it rattled out and the Orange held on for a 68-66 victory.

But don't get mad at Buss for his bricks. It's not like he missed the rim or anything. He ALMOST made the shots and that's what's important.

"Ronnie said 'Well, it was close,''' Boeheim said. "I said 'Close? Really? Close?' We're in college here. This isn't high school. My kids when they were in 8th grade said that. It was close? Close isn't helpful here. That was the quote of the year for me.''

Patterson explained himself to reporters after the game:

"I thought it was in,'' Patterson said. "It just rattled in and out. That's all. It looked good. It felt good.''

"Something something Millennials something something." - Baby Boomer Orange Fans everywhere.

In fairness to Buss, plenty of other Orange were in the Close But Sans Cigar range towards the end of the VT win as well. SU went 16-for-28 overall from the line but an excruciating 6-of-14 in the final two minutes of the game.

"You've got to make foul shots at the end,'' SU guard Trevor Cooney said.

We concur, Trev. Also, how much money would you pay to have seen Boeheim's face when Patterson said that?