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The Tweet Poetry of Syracuse Athletics

You've always wondered what a Gerry McNamara poem would look like. Wonder no more.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

So here's what's weird. You knew that there was a thing called Poetweet, which takes your Twitterfeed and turns it into a poem and you DIDN'T think we were going to use it on Syracuse Orange notables? What is wrong with you?

Below, find amazing, breath-taking, deep poetry from some of Syracuse's finest (as well as John & I). Some of them...downright disturbing in how accurate they are. Others...just really dumb fun. And before you ask, I tried to make a poem with Jim Boeheim's tweets but it wouldn't let me. His handler He hasn't tweeted enough yet.

hopkins tweet

scott shafer

GMac Tweets

Eric White Tweets

Rak Tweets

dion tweets

DC Tweets

tweet poem

John Cass