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ACC Football Schedule Release Tomorrow: What Should Syracuse Expect?

We're going to find things out tomorrow!

ACC's Twitter

Big news from our North Carolina-based overlords, as the ACC announced that the football schedule will be released at 10 a.m. ET tomorrow (Sean and I gnash our teeth about early wake-up). For those who missed on Twitter, the "creative" teaser:

This is record time in terms of release, since it's usually in February. Figuring out the Notre Dame schedule for the next decade probably helps us out there quite a bit, since that was the main hold-up previously (along with typical ACC bureaucracy, of course).

Our confirmed non-conference opponents for 2015 (with already-verified dates where applicable), in case you forgot:

Saturday, September 5: Rhode Island

Saturday, September 19: Central Michigan

Saturday, September 26: LSU

Saturday, October 10: at USF

ACC home games: Boston College, Clemson, Pittsburgh, Wake Forest

ACC road games: Florida State, Louisville, NC State, Virginia


So that leaves two early dates for bye weeks (September 12 and October 3). Obviously we want to avoid that September 12 date, since we saw how that played out last season...

We can expect that the Boston College game will once again inhabit the final weekend of the season. But beyond that, all is kind of up in the air. For reference, here's who is available for those Sept. 12 and Oct, 3 open dates:

Saturday, September 12: Florida State (Update: nope), Wake Forest

Saturday, October 3: Florida State, Louisville, NC State, Pittsburgh, Virginia, Wake Forest

The above means that unless we get another week two bye (please, no), we're getting FSU or Wake that Saturday. We already have three home games in September, so it wouldn't be TOO shocking to see us head down to Tallahassee that week. If they opt with Wake, then that means the October 3 weekend is probably a bye, or else we're not getting a break until October 17 -- not the best timing, necessarily, but looking at the amount of open teams for the 3rd, it could definitely happen that way.


All of that is just what we expect, however. Now what do we WANT? Share below what your ideal schedule shakes out to look like.