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Jim Boeheim: A Point Guard, a Point Guard! My Kingdom For a Point Guard!

Jim Boeheim continues to have concerns about Kaleb Joseph and Syracuse's point guard situation.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Boeheim hasn't been shy about his feeling on the Syracuse Orange point guard situation this season. Gone are Michael Carter-Williams and Tyler Ennis and in their place is Kaleb Joseph, a talented but slightly more mortal freshman still learning the ropes. Perhaps Jim has become as spoiled by good PG fortune as we have cause it's a source of constant consternation.

Just a week ago, Boeheim said that Joseph "makes a really good play and then he makes a horrendous play" Now, he's broadened his criticism to the entirety of the position no matter who's handling the ball.

"Mike's played good all year,'' Boeheim said of Gbinije. "He really has. He's doing the little things and playing a couple positions. He's being forced to play more point guard than we'd like, but we're not very competent out there at that position.''

"Kaleb is getting better,'' Boeheim said. "He has to just find that spot where he can make his play. He is close. I think he is doing much better. His defense has been much better. This was his best defensive game."

"Kaleb has got to be a little more aggressive,'' Boeheim said at the time. "He's going in circles out there, and he's got to go to the basket, and try to get something. He's going sideways all the time now, and he's a better player than that.''

Basically, if I'm reading this correctly, he wants Joseph to be more like Ennis. He's not, at least not yet. It may just be the (surprisingly-rare) instance in which Syracuse has a young PG that isn't capable of taking control of the play.

Looking at playing time, especially in key situations, it's clear Boeheim's tolerance for Joseph is low. I don't know if I see that changing throughout the season. It might not happen until at least next season, especially if Boeheim's baseline for Kaleb is the Villanova game, his best performances on the year.