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#SticktoSports: Panem et Circenses

Let us forget the state of Syracuse sports for a few days, and indulge in the greatest of American Distractions.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a labor of love for us Syracuse Orange fans the last few months. We had a disappointing year in football, the hoops team is tragically undermanned and raw, and there's still chatter here in NYS that the city of Syracuse is going to use Albany grants to move the basketball team off-campus.

Perhaps we should take a moment, take a deep breath, and have some fun.

I suspect the next thing we will all be watching in unison will not be a basketball game, but rather Super Bowl XLIX (which sounds like a sketchy video format).

For years, my friends and I have sat down a couple hours before the game to make our annual ‘Super Bowl Drinking Game' list. The points range from the obvious ('interception'), to the not so obvious ('safety', which was first play of the game last year), to the absurd ('commercial featuring talking animals', which I totally called a couple years ago).

Given that we in Orange Nation are in desperate need of some sports-related catharsis, I'm going to offer some potential ‘drinking game points.' Hopefully, you will offer your own.


1)   Deflategate mentioned.

2)   Marshawn Lynch HOLDMAHD*********K. This includes commentators mentioning fines from previous incidents of HOLDMAHD*********K.

3)   Seahawks celebrate touchdown with Deflategate-themed gesture.

4)   Katy Perry hair-color other than her natural black. Includes wig.

5)   Pete Carroll chewing gum.

6)   Tom Brady yelling on sideline.

7)   Robert Kraft.

8)   Every time Lenny Kravitz sings the words ‘Away' or ‘Woman.'

9)   Interception. Must continue to drink until defensive interceptor is tackled.

10) Drink as long as Gronk stays up after initial contact post-reception.


11) Rob Lowe DirecTV commercial.

12) Commercial meant to tug at heartstrings of ‘Murica'...not including ‘American Sniper.'

13) ‘American Sniper.'

14) NBC plugs 2016 Rio Olympics.

15) NBC plugs ‘Parks & Recreation.'

16) Matthew McConaughey in a Lincoln.

17) Star Wars.

18) Budweiser Clydesdales. This includes graphical supers during game.

19) Local/regional car dealer commercial in the 4th quarter. This includes Billy Fucillo.

20) The commercial you know is bound to appear.

Slam Your Drink

21) Friend at party references Lenny Kravitz being picked in Chappele's Show ‘Racial Draft'

22) Katy Perry wardrobe malfunction. Includes one that looks planned, yet played off as accidental. Ripping off Gothic gown after ‘Dark Horse' to reveal sequined uni-tard, or bikini, does not count.

23) Winner of Waste Management Open spotted in attendance.

24) Blocked field goal returned for touchdown.

25) John McCain sighting.

Pre-Game Fun

26) During TPC Scottsdale broadcast, CBS cuts to blimp shot of University of Phoenix Stadium.

27) Clip of Richard Sherman with Erin Andrews from 2014 NFC Championship.

28) Produced segment featuring the following songs:

a. Hozier: 'Take Me to Church.'

b. Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars: 'Uptown Funk.'

c. Alt-J: 'Left Hand Free.' Drink twice if shown clip of Richard Sherman playing with injured left arm during 2015 NFC Championship game.

d. Anything by Taylor Swift.

e. Out-of-context-sample of Public Enemy's ‘By the Time I Get to Arizona.'

29) Someone mentions, or changes channel to, Puppy Bowl XI.

30) Rodney Harrison defends Belichick/Brady.

I suspect that just following these points will lead to excess inebriation.

Nevertheless, feel free to indulge our community with your ‘Drinking Game' points for SBXLIX (which, I might add, looks like the title of a porno directed by H.R. Giger).