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Want to Name Your Baby Something Syracuse-Related? TNIAAM Provides Some Suggestions

Some people love Syracuse so much, they want their kid to develop a complex about the Orange (probably)... just like the rest of us.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Interesting story from today, talking about long-time Orange fan Michael Dow's daughter's unique name: Avery Cuse (regularly referred to as "Cuse"). The six-year old's name is obviously inspired by SU, and was chosen over the punny-er "Sarah Cuse." It got us thinking, though... we all love Syracuse sports. And most of us do not have kids as of yet. So what would WE opt to name our own Orange-inspired spawn? A list:

Girl Names

Beyonce (Bey) Heim

Carrie Erdome

Olivia (Olive) Languages

Deven Dorf

Florida Gulfcoast

Ovy Rated

Mckenzie Namara

Marsha Elstreet

Desiree (Dez) Loyalidiot

Boy Names

James Arthur

Archie Boldstadium

D. Eric Coleman

Carl Meloanthony

Dominic (Dom) Dog

John (Jack) Ettoss

Manlius (Manley) Fieldhouse

Nate Tenfuckinggames

Wilson (Will) Junior

George Townsucks

Castle Court (/natch)


Obviously a lot more punny names to be had here, but we didn't want to go on forever. Also avoided the plain old "Carmelo Anthony" and "Gerry McNamara" ones that I'm sure will be littering Central New York high schools in the next few years.

But what about you? What names can you come up with?