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Syracuse Basketball: Kaleb Joseph is Taking Years Off Jim Boeheim's Life

"He makes a really good play and then he makes another horrendous play."

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Like Syracuse Orange fans, it seems that Jim Boeheim has come to terms with the fact that this year's freshman point guard is emphasizing that first world a whole lot more than his predecessor. And while Kaleb Joseph has had his moments, he's also had plenty of gaffes as well.

All part of the learning process. We've all been there. We all just don't have Jim Boeheim telling the media about it afterward.

"He makes a really good play and then he makes a horrendous play,'' Boeheim said of his erratic freshman point guard. "He makes a really good play and then he makes another horrendous play. That's just what it is. We have to live with it.''

Boeheim did make it clear later that he is happy with the development of the young guard, it's just that his development is ongoing and not nearly close to being done.

"I thought he made some big plays in the second half and that's why he stayed in the game,'' Boeheim said. "He's just got to develop a little bit more consistency.''

This is usually when people step in and wonder why anyone would want to play for such a tyrant. However, Joseph recognizes what's actually going on here and remains motivated by it:

"That's a big reason why I came to Syracuse,'' Joseph said. "No matter how good you play, there's always going to be something you could do better. Me, I want to be a great player and I want to be a great point guard at Syracuse so I take it all. I want him to do that. I want him to be hard on me because it's only going to make me a better player.''

Don't worry, Kaleb. He's going to be hard on you. That won't ever be an issue...