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Len Elmore Wants Rakeem Christmas to Leave the Complaining to Him

Don't complain about fouls, Rak. Complaining is already Len's gig.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

During last night's game against the Boston College Eagles, Syracuse center Rakeem Christmas picked up four early fouls and appeared fairly frustrated about it. His overt reactions to what he considered unfair or incorrect calls caught the eye of ESPN color commentator Len Elmore, who had some sage advice for the big man.

"Son, you have got to forget that. You let (Syracuse) coach (Jim) Boeheim make the argument. You have got to forget it and you have just got to play.''

"You've just got to play through it,'' Elmore said. "The more you think about it, the more you allow it to affect you. Just play your game. They're going to bump you. Take the bumps.''

Good point all around from Len. I mean, when people try to beat you down and take advantage of your perceived mistakes, you have to just roll with it. Keep moving forward. Don't give them the satisfaction of knowing they got to you, simply play through it.

Just like Len did the last time he called a Syracuse Orange game.

"OK, just to acknowledge: I've made the mistake and called Kaleb Joseph 'Kris' Joseph once. I know Kris Joseph played for Syracuse. We've got Chris Christmas ... ahhh, Kris Joseph, who had played for Syracuse once. We can stop the Twitter-bombing. I made a mistake, OK? My goodness."

Just do whatever Len says, you guys. That's the point here.