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All The O'Quarterbacks Are Interested in Playing Football for Syracuse

Two high-profile QB transfers are interested in possibly putting on some Syracuse orange.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Are you Irish? Are you a college quarterback looking for a place to throw the ol' pigskin?

The Syracuse Orange football program might be the place for you.

We begin with John O'Korn, the Houston Cougars transfer who had Syracuse on his shortlist of five schools. All O'Korn needed was an actual release from Houston that allowed him to make the move. Now he's got it and word on the street is that it's going to be between Syracuse and the Wisconsin Badgers.

A source said Saturday that Wisconsin and Syracuse are considered the most likely landing spots for O’Korn. It is unclear whether UH will place any additional stipulations on where O’Korn decides to transfer.

Meanwhile, if things don't work out with O'Korn, perhaps the Orange can look to Penn State for a second option. Nate Mink reported Sunday that Lions transfer quarterback Michael O'Connor is "interested" in Syracuse.

The Canadian (bonus) played high school ball in Tennessee and IMG Academy in Florida before committing to Bill O'Brien two years ago. The Under Armour All-American would have been No. 3 on PSU's depth chart going into 2015 and is instead looking for a place to play ASAP. Syracuse could be that place (in two years after he sits out the requisite season).