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Who Are The Greatest TNIAAM Commenters & Community Members Of All-Time?

Who among you wastes the most amount of your lives on this site? Let's find out.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

First, let's recognize the great work the TNIAAM community did in 2014. Below, you'll find the top ten for FanPosts, FanShots and Comments. Discounting myself and John (which, seriously John, take a few days off...), it's a lot of the usual suspects but also some newbies mixed in. Good time-wasting, everyone.

Most FanPosts
HighSocks21 - 43
sieg44 - 22
Sean Keeley - 21
FreshSqueezed - 19
Dubes35 - 15
brian.pilatzke - 11
Upstait - 9
SUalum2002 - 9
adselver15 - 8
Josh Morrissey - 7

Most FanShots
John Cassillo  - 98
Sean Keeley  - 87
FeloniousPhunk  - 17
HighSocks21  - 6
voteprime  - 5
Orangeman: Fighter of the Nightman  - 5
AlbanyHDTV  - 5
Brian Tahmosh  - 5
E Scott  - 3
DMF - 2

Most Comments
John Cassillo  - 6081
RockLloyd  - 3644
Orangeman: Fighter of the Nightman - 3306
DukePettyjohn - 3226
orange_dolphins - 2367
g-roc - 1978
ex-Townie - 1853
721 Comstock - 1793
MarshallSt - 1787
E Scott - 1786

I got to thinking as I was compiling the stats...we've got quite a few years under our belt now. Could we possibly figure out who the "best" TNIAAM community members of all-time are based on comments? Kinda. And kinda is good enough for me.

Of course, some big caveats. We have no stats for the period of time before NunesMagician joined SB Nation (a.k.a. TNIAAM's Deadball Era). Lots of great comments are lost to the sands of time. Also, for some reason the stats for 2011 are lost to memory as well. Guess we just forgot to collect them. Oh well. We still have 200920102012 and 2013 to use, though we only have the top tens from each year. If you were No. 11, we have no idea, so, again, we're admitting we're working with a fairly incomplete set here.

Also, it's important to note that we're being rather arbitrary. You're not the "best" just because you've commented the most over the lifetime of the site. Best probably isn't the correct modifier here. Still, we're gonna use it and I'll just trust you know what I mean.

You're all The Best in my book. *thumbs up*

But seriously, these are actually the best...

Top 25


John's 2014 total of 6,081 is practically double any single-year amount before it. Go play some Oregon Trail, John.

Discounting John, that makes DukePettyjohn our "Best TNIAAM Commenter of All Time." And by a decent amount over the next commenter. Way to comment, DP!

I noticed a couple obvious trends as I was compiling the list. People seem to have a two-year threshold for the most part when it comes to big-time commenting. After that, people usually fade into the pack or disappear altogether. That's life, man. Also, the all-time top commenters are almost all recent (or recent-ish) top commenters. The yearly numbers are much higher recently than they were back in 2009, so, that's going to have an impact as well.

Like I said, our numbers are obviously super-incomplete. I know for a fact a lot of folks on this list have been compiling a lot of comments even if they didn't make the top ten. Still, it's a fun exercise and a reminder that TNIAAM runs on Comment Juice.

Thanks for all the Juice.