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Syracuse Football: Freshman QB Alin Edouard Will Enroll in January

The 3/4-star recruit will join the program, just a little later than expected.

Terrel Hunt will have another guy chasing him next season...
Terrel Hunt will have another guy chasing him next season...
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Freshman QB Alin Edouard has been MIA ever since the Syracuse Orange football team started training camp. Home in Florida due to family issues, it was unclear whether or not Edouard would rejoin the team at all, let alone this season.

Turns out he will, in fact, return to the team, though he won't be on the field until next season.

Syracuse quarterback recruit Alin Edouard will enroll at the university and join the football team in January, head coach Scott Shafer said Monday.

"He and his family decided they feel it was in his best interests to enroll in school in January at the midyear," Shafer said in the video.

"Like I said all along, whatever was in the best interests of Alin and his family, so we're excited about the fact that's what he wants to do and it'll give him a chance to still be a freshman, still have four years of eligibility, but what Alin will get to do is he'll get to practice in spring ball, summer ball and then get started and create a little natural separation between he and the other freshmen (quarterbacks) on the team."

The school and Edouard have remained mum on the specific issues keeping him away from the school and understandably so. He did text with the D.O.'s Jesse Dougherty to discuss his desire for a fresh start.

"I felt like it was best for me to do. Instead of coming around this time, I wanted a fresh start."

"I’m thankful for my struggles. It just makes me more hungry when I get back in the classroom and on the field."

The four-star recruit (via ESPN) had offers from some big programs around the nation, including Nebraska, Louisville and Penn State, but chose Syracuse thanks to his connection with George McDonald (of course). He'll be coming in to a crowded quarterback pool next year but he's clearly got the physical talent to compete. Looking forward to it.