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Syracuse vs. Louisville: Wayne Morgan Out, Kendall Moore & Ivan Foy ‘Probably Doubtful'

During his weekly teleconference, coach Scott Shafer dropped some mostly-official injury news.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Last weekend against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Syracuse was without Wayne Morgan and lost Kendall Moore & Ivan Foy during the game. That trio of players aren't likely to see the field this week when the Louisville Cardinals come to town.

Scott Shafer talked injuries during his weekly teleconference Tuesday and made it clear that cornerback Morgan will be out for a second-straight week, if not longer.

"Wayne had a procedure done last week. They went in and cleaned it up. And we’re full-go at his treatments and his rehab right now. And we’re going to take it basically week-by-week to see how he’s progressing."

Meanwhile, Moore's status has been of concern considering the attention given to concussions these days and how colleges react to them. Shafer said that while Moore is back in class, he's still recovering from the issue and "probably will be doubtful" for Louisville.

"He probably will be doubtful for this weekend, but we have a lot of people asking about him. And he’s doing well. He’s come around."

Finally, Foy, who left the game with The Dreaded LBI, is also on the PD (Probably Doubtful) List.

"Ivan Foy is sore, but thank god he had a good knee brace on and again, probably doubtful for this weekend, but we’ll see how he progresses."

Up your game, Michael Lasker.