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Does A Syracuse Orange-Out Include The Syracuse Football Team?

We'll Orange-Out if you will.

Whuddya say?
Whuddya say?

You know how I feel about Orange-Outs. They're all supposed to be Orange-Outs, dummy.

This Friday, the Syracuse Orange host the Louisville Cardinals in front of a national ESPN audience. And in honor of that momentous occasion, the city of Syracuse has officially declared September 29 through October 3 as "Orange Out Week."

Throughout Orange Out Week, community members are encouraged to display their Syracuse University pride. Several Downtown buildings, including Syracuse City Hall, will be illuminated in orange. Syracusans are encouraged to wear orange clothing on Friday to show their support for the football team, which will play its first home game against an ACC opponent, Louisville, this Friday. Social media users will observe this week using the hashtag #OrangeOutWeek.

That means everyone should be wearing orange at all times. Everyone.







Football players???????

Here's the tricky thing. Syracuse doesn't actually have an orange uniform. At least not officially. By all accounts, we're going to wear our blue uniform since that's the home uniform. That's possible we could wear orange.

We know that an orange version of the new uniform exists. We were told that while that uniform is in future plans, it was not intended to be worn this season. But then again who knows.

My guess is that we'll see the blue ones as expected, which, is so perfectly Syracuse. To call for an Orange-Out and then not wear orange...what could be more on #brand than that?