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Syracuse Orange vs. Bye Week Fightin' Byes: TV, History, Odds & More

Syracuse's greatest rivalry goes one more round when the Fightin' Byes come back to town.

The Bye Week Fightin' Byes. We have known no greater rival in our history and we have seen no other school more often on the schedule. The two teams have played every season since 1908, sometimes multiple times a year. It is a rivalry unlike any other...assuming you don't count all the rivalries Bye Week has with every other school.

Let's find out if this is the year BWU finally upends the Orange and take home the coveted Golden Pepper Grinder trophy.


Teams: Syracuse Orange (1-0) vs. Bye Week Fightin' Byes (0-1)

Day & Time: Saturday, September 6th, 12:00 p.m. EST

Field: Carrier Dome (Syracuse, NY)

Line: Pick'm

TV: Fox Sports 9

Announcers: Time Byerando, Byetros Byepadakis and Dave Wannstedt

Radio: Bye Week IMG Network (consists of one radio station, KBYE in Sheboygan)

Bye Week News: EveryWeekShouldBeByeWeek, SByeNation

Rivalry: 248-3, Syracuse

Streak: 7, Syracuse

First Meeting: 1908, Syracuse 4 - Bye Week 2

Last Meeting: Two years removed from The Bye Week Heard Round The World, last year's contest was a more dour affair...

School Connections: Former Syracuse head coach Greg Robinson graduated top of his class, Bye Week U '74. He is considered the school's ambassador to the world and honorary Board of Trustees president.

Head Coaches: SU: Scott Shafer (2nd Year, 8-6), Bye Week: Scott Schaeffer (2nd Year, 0-12-1)


Last Year: Another tough season for The Fightin' Byes. They followed up an 0-11-1 season with another 0-11-1 season. Scott Shaeffer was the only BWU coach to survive the mass suicide attempt during the Syracuse game (launching his catchphrase, #HardIntestined).

"Fear Me, I've Killed Hundreds Of Timelords": Behind center the Orange will see a familiar face. Well, almost familiar face. It's a little weird...


Tunt refuses to play in anything but his ten-gallon hat. That might be why he's never made it past the second drive of any game he's played. Still, before he's concussed and unable to spell the word "cheese" without a J, he's elusive and dangerous and unstoppable with a lasso.

Don't forget Bye Week's potent run game...


You might be thinking, "Wait, isn't that our guy?" No, we have Prince-Tyson Gulley, they have Prince Tyson Gully, as in Tyson Gully, Prince of Tobago (but interestingly, not Trinidad). Royal blood flows through those veins and his pedigree can make him tough to tackle. Or overthrow.


It's right there in this guy's name. He's brash. He's...oiled up. At least, that's how it seems once he's in the open field. Good luck catching him if he gets going. Seriously, good luck. He's wanted in nine states. You're on your own.

Fun Fact: A Bengal Tiger has appeared in the Carrier Dome during the game in six-straight years. Keep an eye on Charley Loeb on the sidelines, please. You'd think he'd be prepared, but, every year...

H/T: Tom C. for the wonderful visuals