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Jim Boeheim Thinks Albany Is Really Sweet & Has A Great Personality

Jim Boeheim tells Albany what it wants to hear.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Albany: Hey Jim!

Boeheim: Oh, hey, Albany. I was just heading-

Albany: You look great, have you been working out?

Boeheim: I, uh, no. No. I just got back from Spain. Food's terrible there. Really disappointing burgers and no Cheesecake Factorys anywhere. Probably lost a few pounds.

Albany: That must be it. Whatcha up to?

Boeheim: Oh, just headed back to Syracuse. Should probably get going, I'm late as it is, so-

Albany: Wanna hang out sometime at our place?

Boeheim: What's that now?

Albany: I was just wondering if you want to come over sometime. Play a basketball game. Give up a home game and let us collect the concession and merchandising revenue instead. How bout it?

Boeheim: "I'd like to play down here...We got a great response. We had talked to Siena about playing a couple of times, and the last time I talked to my crazy friend there at Siena (coach Jimmy Patsos), he said that we might play. Maybe we will play. I like coming here."

Albany: Awesome! How bout we pencil in a date right now. How's December 11th, 2015 for you?

Boeheim: Well, I'll have to check my schedule-

Albany: What's the harm if we just lock it down now?

Boeheim: Well, I can't just say right now...

Albany: Do you not want to play here?

Boeheim: No! No! I mean, yes, I totally do. It's just...

Albany: It's just what?

Boeheim: I just need to check on some things first, that's all.

Albany: Is it Buffalo? Did Buffalo already ask you?

Boeheim: Buffalo? No. And besides, I'd much rather go to your place. Not even close.

Albany: Okay. Whew. Cause, you know, Buffalo's...

Boeheim: Gross. Totally gross. Yeah. You're cool.

Albany: Thanks, Jim. Well...look, just give us a call when you get back to Syracuse tonight-

Boeheim: I will. I absolutely will.

Albany: Okay. Awesome. I feel really good about this.

Boeheim: Me too! It's gonna be so much fun.

Albany: Yeah... (bites lip). Okay, talk to you soon.

Boeheim: For sure. I'll call you later.

Cut To: December 11, 2015. Syracuse hosting St. Bonaventure in the Carrier Dome. Albany watches on TV.

Albany: ***hole.