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Syracuse Football: Kendall Moore, Brisly Estime & Ivan Foy Injured

Syracuse got banged up during the loss to Notre Dame.

Jeff Zelevansky

Some tidbits, news, notes and updates following Syracuse's 31-15 loss to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish on Saturday night.

First up, we need to check in with Kendall Moore. The tight end suffered a concussion in the fourth quarter in what looked like a scary scene at first. Moore was able to stand up himself but was carted off the field. After the game, Scott Shafer said Moore is "fine," adding that it was a "Pretty good concussion, but he's fine relatively speaking."

I don't think Shafer meant any flippancy with the description but on the same day when Brady Hoke left his visibly-concussed QB in the game, it was poor timing for seemingly taking things lightly on the issue.

Another injury worth noting was Brisly Estime, who re-aggravated an ankle that he injured in preseason camp. No word on his status.

And then there's Ivan Foy, who got his leg rolled over by a Notre Dame player in the first half. It's a knee injury and it's unclear if he'll be available for the game this week, especially since it's a Friday game and we lose a day.

The good news on the tight end front is that if Moore is a no-go on Friday, Ben Lewis has seemed pretty capable and a favorite target of Terrel Hunt. Losing Estime would mean SU could be without him and Ashton Broyld, a disturbing thought. And anytime we lose a starting offensive lineman, that's disconcerting.

Couple all of that together with the losses on the secondary (which I'm going to say were felt against Everett Golson) and SU could be getting bit by the injury bug at the most inopportune time. Shame because I do think Syracuse has the pieces to turn things around. They just need those pieces to actually be in play.