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Syracuse Uniform Update: Platinum Jerseys & Orange Helmets for Notre Dame Game

Let's Go Grey!

Those wondering when the Syracuse Orange were going to break out their alternate grey platinum uniforms will be pleased and/or horrified to know that it looks like SU will be breaking them out Saturday when they take on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish at MetLife Stadium. ESPN's Heather Cox, who will be part of the coverage team, tweeted out some photos from the locker room that seem to confirm it.

The platinums were always modeled with the blue helmet before the season whenever we saw them, so we've already altered courses on that front. As a reminder, here's what they look like in action...

On the year, Syracuse has now gone with...

Villanova: Orange Helmet, Blue Jersey, Blue Pants

CMU: White Helmet, White Jersey, White Pants

Maryland: White Helmet, Blue Jersey Blue Pants

Looks like we're gonna try to do a different combo every single game.