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Syracuse vs. Notre Dame: The Most Expensive Ticket of SU's Season

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Rich Schultz

The biggest game and most expensive Syracuse football tickets come this Saturday at MetLife Stadium. For the third season in a row, the Syracuse Orange will play a home game at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. These games at MetLife have drawn in big name opponents and this year won’t be any different as Syracuse’s opponent will be No. 8 ranked Notre Dame.

According to TiqIQ, the average price for Syracuse vs Notre Dame football tickets have an average price of $158.08. The average price on Saturday is actually just above the average for Jets tickets on Sunday against the Detroit Lions. The average for that game is currently $154.17. Saturday’s average makes it the most expensive Syracuse football game this season. While Syracuse vs Florida State football tickets come close with an average price of $148.92 at the Carrier Dome, there’s clearly more demand for Saturday’s game against the Fighting Irish in a much larger venue.

With the larger venue, there are still multiple ways to purchase tickets for the game. There are still tickets available on the primary market since the 80,000 capacity stadium is not sold out, with more than half of the stadium’s sections have tickets remaining. There is also plenty of inventory on the secondary market, and even Groupon is offering ticket deals.

Groupon is offering a $59 ticket for seats in the 300 corners, which is right around the secondary market get-in price of $55. Both options are significantly less expensive than the face value price of $87.05. The best deal, however, may be Groupon’s $69 offer for seats located in the 200’s level endzones. That price is 35.7% below the $107.45 face price in those sections. On the secondary market, the average price in the 200’s level endzones is $118.66. The lowest asking price in those sections on the secondary market is $77, making the Groupon deal 10% less expensive. All of these are also less expensive than the secondary market season average at the Carrier Dome, which is currently $82.05.

This is the latest in the season the MetLife Stadium game has been for the Orange over the past three seasons. The 2012 game against the USC Trojans was held on September 8 during the second week of the college football season. Last year’s game against Penn State was held during the opening week on August 31.

Syracuse is 0-2 in the previous MetLife Stadium games and Notre Dame’s dominance thus far this season does not suggest the Orange will be on the verge of their first win. Still, with a prime-time start--the third straight on the Notre Dame football schedule--plenty of college football fans in the tri-state area will be paying a premium to see Syracuse’s biggest game of the season.