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Syracuse's MetLife Games Are All About Recruiting...Right?

We're constantly told that the MetLife games help Syracuse recruit better. Except...

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

If anything has been made abundantly clear to Syracuse Orange fans, it's that our ongoing yearly contest at "home away from home" MetLife Stadium is done with recruiting in mind. Yes, there's guaranteed money in it and it puts Syracuse Football in the media awareness of New York City, but we're here to shore up NYC/NJ recruits and give them a chance to see what SU is all about.

We know this because it's been told to us over and over and over, including from the DOC himself.

We needed to do it for recruiting. New Jersey is very important, as you know. Especially the northern part and the city part. (Football) coach (Scott) Shafer has also addressed that with some staff additions.

The mantra is repeated so often, it must be undeniable that we've seen the fruits of these labors already. Two games in to a series that will go one through 2038, we must be chocked full of recruits who committed to Syracuse in large part because we played Penn State, USC and now Notre Dame in New Jersey.

Luckily, we can turn to Scott Shafer to fill us in on exactly how effective the MetLife games have been for our recruiting efforts. Because if these games don't have tangible recruiting results, then all that's left is that this is just a money grab. But that's not true, right, Scott? It's about recruiting, right? Put this issue to bed and tell us about how the MetLife games have helped us in recruiting...

"I truly don’t know. It’s not a measurable statistic. You always want to try and deal with real data and there’s no real data there."

Perfect, thanks.